02 July 2013


Dentist Office Kids

Product Features
Features over 9 procedures including common dental ones like cleanings, extractions, crowns, & root canals!
Realistic cartoony graphics make this game a ton of fun to play!
All the dental tools at your fingertips, just like being a real dentist!
Choose your patient before beginning the procedure
Saves your progress - come back to a procedure later if you wish!
Product Description
Dentist Office Kids is a fun game where you get to perform a variety of dental procedures on patients!

Choose from over 9 different procedures including Dental Cleaning, Root Canal, Tooth Extraction, Crowns placement and more! Challenges are included, and Free Clean Mode as well!

Simple, pain free entertainment is at your fingertips! 

Ever wanted to play with the Dentist tools at the office? Here's your chance to do that now!

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