04 September 2008

'Louis Fourtunou' @ Republican Convention

Here it is a copy of Luis Fortuno speech at the RNC
Thank you, and Buenas Noches.

My friends, you know as I do, the people of America are running on empty.

From Alaska to Puerto Rico and from Maine to Hawaii , American families are hurting. Worse yet, they're being robbed of their dream of a better future.

Millions of businesses across the country -including nearly 2 million small and mid-sized businesses owned by Hispanics -are finding out they can't make ends meet.

They're stuck in a page in the American Dream Storybook they thought would never be written.

That's the page where their peace, their prosperity and our nation's environment and security get high-jacked by foreign oil interests.

A page that describes a horror story, where American families of every race, color and creed, are forced to choose between putting gas in the tank , or putting food on the table.

We have a problem in America and it is high time that we give it an American solution!

That's why I support Senator John McCain for President of the United States!

Our next President must be willing to make hard choices, provide bold leadership and take action to both break our nation's dependence on foreign oil right now and to develop clean, alternative sources of energy that will ensure our economic well-being into the future.

And that's exactly what John McCain will do.

He has proposed a plan -- the Lexington Project -- that will provide an American solution to America's generations-old energy challenge.
The Lexington Project is America's second declaration of independence. It's summed up in one single promise: In a world of hostile and unstable suppliers of oil, this nation will achieve strategic independence by 2025.

By expanding domestic oil and natural gas exploration and production; by changing the way we power our cars; by investing in clean, alternative sources of energy.

And under President McCain's leadership we will become a leader in the new global green economy; by protecting our environment and addressing climate change; by promoting energy efficiency, and finally, by cracking down on the speculative pricing of oil.

John McCain has called upon all Americans to accept this mission. I for one, stand proud to accept this challenge, convinced- as he is- that as we succeed in this mission, our children will live in a more prosperous country, and we will all have a more peaceful and safer world.

Thank you and ...God Bless Daddy Yankee

Say Hello To The Only African American Couple @ The Republican Convention

"We are completely against cloning sheep and goats"

PD: This pic is from the 1992 Republican Convention, I couldn't find one of this year's republican convention.

03 September 2008

Stars Politically Aligned

We know Daddy Yankee endorses Mccain but what about other atists endorsing presidential candidates...
Here is a list...
Geoege Clooney...Obama
Fat Joe...Obama
Dave Matthews...Obama
Robert De Niro...Obama
Stevie Wonder...Obama
Harry Connick Jr...Obama
Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)...Obama
The Goo Goo Dolls...Obama
Will Smith...Obama
Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)...Obama
Hale Berry...Obama
Cocoa Tea...Obama
Heidi Montag...Mccain

Filipino seamen downed by food poisoning in Ponce Puerto Rico

Twenty-three seamen, most of them Filipinos, have been downed by food poisoning while transiting aboard the Liberian 580-foot chemical tanker Stolt Sapphire in waters south of Ponce, Puerto Rico.more...

02 September 2008


Isla Culebrita, Culebra Esta pequeña isla de coral es parte del archipiélago de Puerto Rico y está a un corto viaje en taxi acuático desd...