16 November 2011

Jíbaro Hasta el Hueso: Mountain Music of Puerto Rico by Ecos de Borinquen

For those of you who are new to the real music from Puerto Rico, this CD is an excellent primer and a real treat. First of all, Miguel Santiago Díaz (and this entire album) was recently nominated for a grammy under the folk music category!
Second, Miguel Santiago Díaz is one of the great singers of the second generation of recorded Jíbaro singers. Third, if you thought salsa was native puerto rican music...sorry, it is not! Musica jíbara and the melodies in this album are the real thing! This album will help you understand why Puerto Rican music (musica Jíbara) is so wonderful as it is diverse. As a collector of Puerto Rican music, I truly recommend the album because it represents a few things, including: 1) Excellent arrangements of traditional jíbaro music; 2) A rebirth in the singing and playing of traditional jíbaro music; and 3) The first time ever that a traditional Puerto Rican Jíbaro singer was nominated to win a grammy...This album is a real treasure...this is a solid buy!

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