22 June 2013

Airwalk Swell 41" Bodyboard Red

Product Description

Ride the waves in style with the Swell bodyboard from Airwalk. The board features a high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core, a 6- to 8-pound crosslink polyethylene deck (depending on the size your purchase), and a 20-millimeter-thick slick bottom made of high-density polyethylene--all of which make the board lightweight and easy to carry.
Other design highlights include double rails, channels, heat lamination, and an Airwalk logo. A urethane single-swivel coil leash keeps the board attached to you when you're riding those intense waves. Made in China, the board measures 41 inches long and has a weight capacity of 150 pounds. It is recommended for ages 13 years and up and is covered by a 30-day manufacturer warranty.


High-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core
6- to 8-pound crosslink polyethylene deck
20-millimeter-thick slick bottom made of high-density polyethylene
Double rails
Heat lamination
Urethane single-swivel coil leash
Weight capacity of 150 pounds
About Airwalk
The Airwalk brand has led the evolution of board sport culture and fashion since 1986. Today, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing are more popular than ever, and the action sports lifestyle is firmly established in mainstream culture. Only one brand has consistently shown the ability to reach the youth consumer who is searching for authentic ties to board sports. Only one brand also continuously appeals to a broader consumer segment that is drawn to the lifestyle aspect of board sports culture. That brand is Airwalk: igniting the evolution of boardsport culture, creative expression, and independent style.

Product Description
Skimboards for the lake, wake and ocean shore

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