24 June 2013

Painting on Rocks for Kids

Hey kids! You can create amazing creatures, incredible toys and wild gifts for your friends and family. All it takes is some paint, a few rocks and your imagination!
Decorate your room. Make doorstops or bookends. Or just paint something for fun. Easy-to-follow pictures and instructions show you how to create:

Rockasaurus! (Who wouldn't want a dinosaur for a pet?)
Stone buildings perfect for creating your very own city
Rockburgers and other fun foods--you wouldn?t want to eat these, but they sure look tasty
Cootie bugs and racecars (Which one is faster? You decide!)
Realistic lizards ready to put in your family's garden (gasp!) or the terrarium in your room
Flowers that never wilt--and never have to be watered
Weird eggs! (Could be aliens, could be dragons--who knows? Hatch them and find out.)
Teddy bears cute enough to cuddle!
You'll learn how to draw each design on a rock with a pencil, then paint the details in whatever colors you choose. You can make each project look just like the real thing or wild or wacky. The choice is yours--and so is the fun!

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