25 June 2013

Super Thin iPhone 5 Case White

  • Completely branding free.
  • ULTRA thin. Just 0.35mm thick.
  • Perfectly formed to fit around your iPhone 5.
When it comes to Apple devices, the sleek design form that they boast is something we rarely get to appreciate because we keep them confined to a case to help protect them. However, Peel iPhone Cases offer a 'barely there' design aesthetic that will help to protect without adding too much extra material.

Just 0.35mm thick, Peel iPhone Cases are clear and completely free of logos or any markings at all. When installed, the case is hardly even detectable, yet will help to protect from bumps, scraps and falls, which are inevitable in the longterm.

While other designs use extra thick material to prevent damage to precious devices, Peel iPhone Cases use the natural resilience of the device and a little bit of added protection to help prolong the life of your purchase.

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