13 February 2009

Update- Dia Nacional de la Salsa 2009

March 29, 2009 will be the 26th anniversary of the Dia Nacional. This year, Zeta-93 will be honoring the late Rafael Cortijo with music from Rafaelito Cortijo, Ismael Rivera, Jr., and Sammy Ayala. All will be interpreting songs from the great Cortijo and his orchestra.

There will also be a dedication to the liberation of the music of Puerto Rico's most famous song writer, Tite Curet Alonso. Performances will be made by the following artists (who will likely only play Curet Alonso's songs):

Cheo Feliciano
Ismael Miranda
Adalberto Santiago
Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound
La Sonora Poncena
La Orquesta de Tommy Olivencia

The festival will also have a performance by the up-and-coming Sammy Garcia.

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