31 March 2011

La Acera: La Jaquita Baya @ Santurce

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La Jaquita Baya

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Too many times I have sat in my apartment in Santurce, wondering where oh where I could go eat. Somewhere cheap, I think, or at least a good value. Somewhere with fun surroundings... not too divey, not too pretentious. Somewhere I could even walk to; or if not, somewhere with parking. Somewhere with food more creative and inspired than Bebo’s without ending up in the dreaded “fusion-landia”.

Last date night #3 took me to such a place, and all was well; La Jaquita Baya on Fernandez Juncos in Miramar hit all the bases. We had appetizer-sized fish tacos to start (yes, fish tacos!) which were a steal at $1.50 each. Then we had grilled chicken on a bed of viandas ($9.95) which we piled on top of Jaquita Baya’s excellent tostones (I don’t remember but they were pretty cheap). The first time #3 went he enjoyed the calamari. He also gives the thumbs-up to the gandules appetizer, which he ordered again this time, but which never made it to us.
It was Saturday night and the place was packed, see, so we ate at the bar to avoid an hour long wait (reservations might be a good idea). Therefore, I can’t accurately assess the service, but the bartender was incredibly service-oriented for Puerto Rico and took good care of us. He also made mojitos by hulk-thunderclapping mint until its fragrance filled the entire bar area. I didn’t try the mojitos but I’ll tell you one thing, if there’s a problem with them it’s not in his technique.
We went for dinner but La Jaquita Baya is also an excellent lunch spot. To boot, you might even see Benicio.

La Jaquita Baya
Ave. Fernández Juncos Esquina c/ Estado #801, Miramar
Tues - Thurs:
11:30 am-3:30 pm
6:30 pm-10:00 pm
11:30 am-3:30 pm
6:30 pm-11:00 pm
6:30 pm-11:00 pm
11:00 am-3:00 pm
Parking: Parking Lot
Email: jaquitabaya@gmail.com
Phone: 787-993-5359

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