18 July 2013

Pack the bags honey!!! We are moving to the states.

Hello puerto ricans.  Just got off the phone. I was talking to one of my best friends. He is a doctor specialized in emergency medicine, married, three sons and one daughter. Yep. One more educated and responsible citizen moving away from the glorified crime and taking his inmediate family, including his mom and dad, to North Carolina. Why? I asked. Well, he is tired of the uneducated individuals roaming Puerto Rico looking for their next victim and tired also of the repetitious bad decisions taken by our pseudo educated politicians.  Just like that! He is out. I definitely don't blame him.  He is looking to achieve a better quality of life for his family.  Look around you folks!!! Is this getting better? Is the economy getting better around here? Is crime going down?

       Who's to say that getting out of here and moving away to the United States will guarantee you a better life? Nobody...but the opportunity is right there for the bilingual already us citizens professionals, so what's stopping others to do the same? Patriotism? In this internet age,  patriotism and nationalism are going down fast.  Every educated man or women is looking for a better quality of life by living their own way and letting other live their own way.  Respect, essential rights and quality of life. That is what most people are looking for.  If this keeps up, and by this I mean breaking record crime and political irreverence, a massive exodus of responsible individuals will move out, leaving Puerto Rico as a wasted paradise. What do you think? What can be done to prevent this?

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