17 July 2013

What happened to El Conquistador Hotel?

Last weekend I decided to stay with my family at El Conquistador Hotel in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.  It looks like the economy have been hitting hard this four star hotel.  Rooms were a little bit neglected and there seem to be a tax for everything...  The service at the eateries was slow and workers were lacking energy and enthusiasm.  Every time I visit this hotel the first thing I do is go to the pool area and enjoy one of the greater views in the world. The magical blue water ocean seen from above makes you feel like a Conquistador for real.  Too bad that the room was decayed and hotel service was inefficient.  Hope this critic will be viewed as a constructive critic and not in as negative put down way.  This hotel is one of the amazing hotel staying options that Puerto Rico offer and I hope it will regain it pertaining stars soon.

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